shame on the person asking 900 for a shot set of fenders on ebay cracked front...


shame on the person asking $900 for a shot set of fenders on ebay. cracked front with broken tab, burn hole in rear and to top it off seat needs recovering. that's a shame trying to sell that for that kind of cash. all that's doing is inflating the prices..... Brutal. I wasn't interested btw. feel sorry for the guys who need them and have to pay that much for that quality....

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  • I was wondering if the person was on here. I guess you can't blame a guy for maximizing his buck but man. I get pissy about it because all the good things I've done over the years from this machine to benefit everyone and ya still get guys that will put the screws to everyone as quick as ya can turn around....... Guess I'm a hater

  • Tecates can cost lots guys get them and are just to much of cheap ass keep and bail out ive spent tons but im in to them for the long haul my therapy i lost my dad few years ago so keep me goin

  • your therapy. lol. I like that one. Todd Munzer. I feel the same. that's why I'm so critical....





    tecate 4

    that's my top 5 list of things I live for.....


  • Agree 100% with that sir

  • That's about perfect right there. The only thing I might add is the career may take a backseat during hunting season when the rut is on.

  • Lol. true Jeffrey Myers

  • How much would this sell for? Seat is in perfect condition, plastic has very little scratches, all bolt holes are in good shape.

  • not what ebay is asking. I paid $500 for nos rear. I would have a hard time paying more than $250 for that. you looking to sell? Evan Anderson

  • I don't think so. Still want to restore my t4. But have thought about parting it out.

  • seems to be the best way to get money out of them.

  • Ive seen just oem seat that nice go for 175 hard to get with that color and no tears, iI have 2 mint seats but only valuable to restoration guys

  • You have any green fronts Evan Anderson?

  • Seems to be the only way now a days even after selling all the parts and everything I still haven't made my money back on the quad and the trip to get it.

  • it's a weird game

  • Still need to clean. Missing front fender.

  • I have green everything except front fenders.

  • Yeah after the shipping and PayPal fees I only get like $600 for them plastics. I sold them for 800 and I threw in the blue side panels and the radiator cap

  • Yeah. I found a front fender on ebay but they want $795.

  • I'm not paying that for any fender. Lol. Mine is a rider, not a show piece.

  • Yeah. I might try to find a white one cheap. Maybe eventually get a green one.

  • White not cheap

  • I have white ones now.

  • Most are broke ok for riders for sure, If i find white not broke i buy them if can

  • I'm just looking for one to put on to make the it complete. Eventually I'll probably spend the money on a nice green one.

  • your shipping is pretty good then because it cost my over $300 from Indiana to new york state

  • It was just under 200 shipping from Pittsburgh to Kalamazoo Michigan

  • Evan Anderson if you part it out i would be interested in green radiator shrouds if no one else asked first

  • Alright. If I part it out i'll part it out here and any left overs will go on ebay.

  • I may be interested in a few parts Evan Anderson, keep me in mind if you part it.

  • Ok Keith Lageman

  • I'm all ears Evan Anderson