Service day. Getting the old girl ready for Longford


Service day!!! Getting the old girl ready for Longford!!!

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  • Sounds like you boys need to enjoy the weather down under. Can't remember the last day it rained here. Please accept my apology while I rub it in

  • Careful, that was bordering on an invite then Mark

  • No rain usually means lots of can keep the cooking temperatures. Some times I like riding in the rain,so long as im wearing the right gear :)

  • Agreed, got no problem doing a journey in the rain once in a while. Is it all a measure of how much you're enjoying that ride? My first 'long-haul' was Mugello last year and loved every last second. Never got the real baking temperatures though.

  • Bad weather-Appropriate gear = No Problemo. It is usually possible to get warm when riding in adverse conditions but trying to get cool in tremendous heat is a big problem (especially for a fat kid like me) Southern Spain a few years back the daytime temps were 40+ and regardless of how fast we went it was just too uncomfortable and at times dangerous. All we need is a happy medium I guess....

  • I think you're right, still I'm risking it again in 2017 and it's just a 'come what may' sort of attitude. All part of the adventuring I guess. Can't wait though...

  • We were on the Pan Pat and them things generate a lot of heat around the leg area, very tempting to remove layers of clothing but never succumbed to temptation. Bought a gadget to store ice around the wrists, that did some good. See if I can dig it out and see if they are available still.

  • I think that just proves the wealth of knowledge that we all have between us Dave because I'd never heard of such a thing but the theory of ice around the wrist makes a lot of sense I'll be very interested to see if those are still about.

  • Have just had a dig round, no luck so far, could be in the loft, will send swmbo to look when she gets home. They look like them wrist weights but have an opening where you put crushed ice in and are actually for sprain injuries. Maybe available in ann summers?

  • Lol