September Darker shorter days My Z soon gone 35000km time to loock into...


September:(. Darker & shorter days. My Z soon gone 35000km,time to loock into valvclerance. Hopfully easyer to do then replace sparkplugs:). Anybody done this job?:))

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  • No Mark,aint a mechanic,bt did work on a mc workshop in my younger days. No im just do it for fun:)) Shure,got a new gasket,a set of shims and so on. Just wonder if il lower the front of engin to get more space

  • From what I know you don't have to lower or remove the engine. My mechanic was complaining about how much stuff he had to pull off to get to the shims - well the workshop manager actually. Mine were done at 24,000 km with none needing to be changed. At 48,000 km they did a leak test and said all good. Looking at having the camshaft cover off again at 54,000 km service - sitting at ~52,500 km atm.

  • Strangely the manual says to check valve clearance at 24,000 km (us & canada) and 42,000 km everywhere else.

  • Mark,i know kwak say. 42K. Bt if i wait util 42k, hawe to do it in springthime,and this are a bad thime to do it:))

  • Rather be riding in spring than fiddling with valves! :D

  • It's easy if you have small child like hands.Like Dave Craddock

  • Ive done mine to, with help from a mate.

    You do need to strip a lot out to do it, as mentioned. I didnt do mine at the service interval, dis it at about 30odd thousand, and they were a ok.

    Its just a time consuming, fiddley job, that you need to give a day of time to do.

  • Would it not be easier to just drop the engine out? Just a thought. =D =D

  • Spark plugs are easy :-)

  • I maight think so to Lee.