Seen a zzr with decals going up the way quite like it thoughts

Seen a zzr with decals going up the way, quite like it, thoughts?

  • Nah, too big and the angle's all wrong. Don't like those at all.

  • Got these for mine.

  • Anyone know where i could get chrome looking decals?

  • Its different but still a nice zed

  • Nope!!!!!!

  • dont hold back neebs lol

  • Just a bit off advise don't go chrome decals they perish after the first couple of years

  • Kawasaki got the decals spot on first time around, everything else looks silly . :)

  • Just doesn't seem to flow like a Zed shout ( but then it's a d)

  • ok guys, i get it

  • Ronnie, opening the can of worms there i see lol

  • Lol why not take a turn heehee

  • GOOD :-)

  • Nice got these for mine

  • Gammasaki??

  • No footrests?