secondary butterflies. remove them or not. pros. cons


secondary butterflies... remove them or not? pros? cons?

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  • NO!!!

  • Cool ..

  • This secondary throttle is more or less a choke. I remember when they came out with this bike, I was at ES and Kawasaki was there with it. They were talking about the secondary throttlebody but they never really lead on to what it was for. In years past, whenever I'd get on the throttle, there was a huge black cloud of unburned fuel behind me. All that secondary throttlebody ever did was cause me to use way too much gas. The engine needs to breath. Now, by saying NO, if you notice your exhaust heat shields turning blue, or an exceptional amount of heat coming off your engine, then you might need to richen it up a bit. A techlusion or some other fuel enrichening unit may be needed. Other than that, ride on, Brother!!

  • All right.... I did the removal n test it out....f@#% do I set my idle ...

  • By turning the idle knob, left side of the air filter box.

    I had to set it just a little bit up too. Turn it clockwise.

  • After warming up the engine i can set the idle a bit lower again.

  • I did that till I felt it was right...just want to make sure

  • I can tell the power increased... Thanks to all n a big big thanks to Bare Carr for sharing he's knowledge... U have my respect! Right on ride on brothers

  • Ride safe and have fun! :)

    I'm just waiting for better weather here. It's raining the hole week... but looks like Sunday it'll be better.

  • Its cool but working the up coming weekend but look out Monday...flapping my ears