Scootworks overdrive pulley and eurogears finally 5 th gear feels like a true...

Scootworks overdrive pulley and eurogears, finally 5 th gear feels like a true overdrive gear

  • Jon I also have a 2008 speedo is off by 8 mph was told by dealer this is normal..

  • My VN2000 is tachless so not sure of RPM specs

  • I added the tach 80 mph it reads 2900rpm speedo is about 8mph off..

  • Al Murrell, are you running slower than the speedo shows? I have a 2004 with no modifications and it is off about the same. I remarked to some riding buddies about how fast they were going and after some test miles we determined my speedo was showing faster than my actual speed.

  • If I'm going 80mph I'm really only going about 73 mph according to police radar...

  • I haven't checked my '04 but I just feel like I have the same problem. I am showing 65 and I am getting passed by everyone. Is there any known fix for the speedo issue?

  • My mechanic told me he needed the bike for a week to check everything and he still wasn't sure he could fix it...I'll just keep making the speed adjustment...

  • There is a speedo fixer on ebay, I wanna say its about 100.00?

  • Could you list details for parts required? I want to modify my 2008. Thanks