Say no more

Say no more................

  • I have no back seat wink

  • That's why the beast has such a big gas tank! Wink wink lol

  • Harley guy at work the other night when we were getting ready to leave looks over and goes MAN thats a big bike! I'm like yes it is I love it...comfy big motor and sounds awesome

  • Lol at James !!! I knew he was a Tank Man ,,,,,,

  • Justin ,,,,leave the Key in for some Back arching kinky action !! dang man get Yo kink on !

  • Had that last time! Lol she thought she got a bruise from it lol

  • That's great Justin! Its always good to hear of healthy relationships now-a-days..

  • Gotta try new things to spice it up lol

  • Like a

  • No James , You Ride the V2K Beast & work on Harley & Chevrolet to make tons of money <evil Grin?