Say hello to my new bike 2009 with 14000 km I m the second owner and proud to...

Say hello to my new bike 2009 with 14000 km I'm the second owner and proud to be own this Z!

  • Nice

  • I own a Z as well, but an M3 will say "bye bye" to you easily. Nice bike though

  • The new M3 does 0-60 mph in 3.7sec. That's exactly the same as the 07 onwards Z750. The Z however is more than half a second faster over the quarter mile.

    If the road is straight, the Z should win.

    A car is of-course faster round corners

  • Just had to double check my figures lol

    The 2015 M3 is 0.1s slower from 0-60 than the Z

  • U might be right, but the M3 will drive off a lot faster and better than a bike. Imo u can't beat an M3 on a Z

  • lol a debate materialising.

    If they both do 0-60 in 3.7 then how does a M3 drive off faster

  • Ok. U right. U might be the best rider ;)

  • lol I wish ^^^. Also wish I had a M3

  • Lol ferrari... Scared off a guy with a f430 last week... At first he tried too run away fast... But at 255km/h he thought: "damn...i cant get ride off that green fly in my mirror!" Hehehe... :-D

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