SAMPLE FLYER. open for comments and suggestions


SAMPLE FLYER: open for comments and suggestions...

An invitation to you!

FURY RIDERS’ CLUB is an organization of Motorcycle enthusiasts in the Philippines sharing the same love for touring and exploring with their Kawasaki Fury motorcycles.

The objective of this society is not only to improve the riding skill of its members, but also to increase awareness of using the proper safety gear in riding. The club also aims to create camaraderie and respect between people who have the same passion for riding.

There are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES needed to be part of this group.

our "TAMBAY" will be every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 7pm at Shell Gas Station, J. Vargas street along C5 road and beside Tiendesitas.

God bless you!

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FRC Central Manila:

FRC North Valkyries:

FRC South:

We need the cooperation of FRC NORTH AND SOUTH to indicate the information needed for this flyer before we print it and disseminate this information. either you put the contact person or email address.

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