Rtr Senior shared a link to the group: Kawasaki W650.

  • Dont shoot the messenger, Posted t for Kevs benefit really. lol

  • Kev, this means you've gained a good profit from yours bought for £2500! This one works out £7000

  • ill never sell even if my arms are set on fire lol :O)

  • most of got thrown in skips Mal lol thats why they are rare :P

  • they made 143000 during ww2 years and kept producing till 1963 m20 _m21

  • ive got 2 re 500s 1947 my freind has 1937 panther 1960 panther 1928 triumph 350 bsa i950,s 350 ajs 50s.

  • My garage is empty, life is unfair! ;-)

  • apparently sob./// wink.

  • I've only got a baby bouncer and to tins of pink paint :(

  • room for improvement