Rogue patch


Rogue patch.

How many of you guys would be interested in Rogue patch for the vest or jacket? I talked some time ago to Kevin Fergusson ( rogue Owner Group) because I wanted to buy this patch but they were out of it but I can use their file to order the patches. Another option would be place order for creating logo on PDF file per our designs and then order custom patches. Any ideas?

BTW I'm not a guy who rides decorated like Christmas tree but few , nice looking patches could be nice.

%d comments
  • I would like a couple of them.

  • I would be, love that winged V, looks like a klignon bird of prey. Even thought about the vulcan ring a guy posted some time ago but I dont wear jewelry this id wear

  • I would wear this patch looks good..

  • I'd have one

  • Looks good, I would take one

  • I don't mean to be rude but it looks like it says "NOG". maybe it's just me. Otherwise, I like it.

  • As member #777 I ride with my Shirt and hat when I can but a big assed patch would be sweet too!

  • I do agree with Michael S Stonebraker. It does look like it says "NOG". I'd buy one though.