Rodney Oliver shared his post to the group: Kawasaki Ninja® ZX-14.

Got glow

  • Northern California. Bay area, central valley

  • Damn bro .. I'm heading 2 katy texas. If u out that why look a brotha. Up

  • Dang man doubt if ill get to Texas but if up around Sacramento ca hit me up

  • No doubt. . Got a brother but la. Or around but trying 2 make this texas thing work..

  • what are the leds that you have by the seat

  • Really nice guy- I'm gonna do mine in blue.

  • the cops give you hard time 4 the lights?

  • Leo Zuniga they can if they want to. But i haven't had any any issue's. Been running lights on my bikes for year's

  • Stephen Gibson led strip lights.and a lazar kawasaki display light

  • I just got some lights on my.. But don't have it on all the time... I want 2 .. There is 2 many cops here in texas