Robert Ezell shared FOX & Friends Weekend's video to the group: Kawasaki Ninja Riders.



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  • ICE COLD reaction of this guy. beter ride suzuki

  • Ice cold?.., not what I seen, I think he was very appreciative, regarding the video I dont think he put up that good of a fight, yeah he pushed the guy off his bike but I didnt see anything that warranted a hero status.., maybe Allan MacDonald can lend me his old 600 and then push me off it and I will get a new bike ;-)

  • Well I'm practically giving the thing away at $1000. Too bad shipping is so high you should buy it lol

  • Deseray Sams , dont worry about fixing up the bike, just take it to that same spot and have someone push you off it :-D

  • Omg!

  • Yes!!!

  • smooth move by Kawasaki, cheap nationwide advertising, the bike the guy was originally riding was an older suzuki.

  • Other dealerships wishing they did this.Oops, too late.