Roads dried and temp. made it to 56 for my friends outside of America that s 13

Roads dried, and temp. made it to 56°, for my friends outside of America that's 13.3° celsius. Trees look dead, but I got to take my girl for a ride.

  • Damn xD -2° here but its the snow and rain thats a pain in the ass xD a wel at least he's in a warm comfy well guarded room

  • sorry Frank. must say I love this group, I always look forward to chatting with everybody, and always watching for the next post.

  • Yes, my bike don't get to see the snow. It's having a comfy temp in the living room. Hehe.

  • I'm glad someone can ride there bike Shawn. I love this group also. :)

  • I will ride the bike untill i have to put ski's under it to get forward xD

  • my bike sits in a shed inside the garage, since the garage is bigger than the house. I don't think I could get her in the house if I tried.

  • you guys are funny, I wouldn't do the ski thing either.

  • I tryed it, to put him in my living room. But never got to first floor. Did get it over our handicap hill though.. bur its just not the same

  • Lucky u, Shawn :). Here we have 20 centimeter of snow and - 10 celsius. Safety to ride is maybe in april. Enjoy rideing for us all, friend :)

  • if I don't get to ride again for a while, at least the International Motorcycle show will be here the end of January.