Rite then I m after a older Kawasaki for next resto project non runners shitty...


Rite then I'm after a older Kawasaki for next resto project non runners,shitty runners, bikes in boxes (love a challenge) over all condition unimportant but must be bacicaly complete ish....due to it being a pure buy restore and keep project I'm not looking to spend mega money if that was the case then this post would be irrelevant and I'd go out and buy a mint one.anything out there?

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  • Not at all , jealous as ,

  • good luck

  • Gpz 550 a1 ?

  • What sort of price range you looking at?

  • Z1100 for £ 1200

  • H reg gpz 900 £650

  • what sort of state is the gpz 900 in?

  • Csr 650

  • eliminator 900 £950

  • This one is complete ,and has a few spares .

    Engine fault as to why its been parked up in me garage for a few years .bought another engine to drop in ...big hole in head where exhaust stud was .was going to put 2 engines into 1 as mine had a good head but not so good bottom end .never got round to it ....bought a 750 a1 .bike is probably in need of a clean up ,moves easily enough ,looks good bodywork wise ,dry stored since ive owned it .

    Pm me for pics and more info if your interested

  • Where are you based my mates after one of these

  • Scotish borders bud

  • Might be a bit far will tell him though

  • Gotta old z1000 as well neil