RIP Versys. Good knowing you


RIP Versys. Good knowing you.

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  • For now, I'll keep my 2008. I'd prefer to have a 2010-2011, but I really like the new Versys 650. I think the 2015 model is pretty nice.

  • After watching spots I started do save cash on new super tenere

  • The only thing they SHOULD HAVE changed was the saddle !!

  • ^ Yes, that saddle hurts my ass. I really hope they fixed the vibration issues.

  • New 2015 looks great! Haters gonna hate ;)

  • LOL ....It's not Hate, it's " We don't care for " ;-)

  • There's is something between hate and simply "don't like", i just don't like at all, maybe with time......

  • I liked the ugliness, it made the Versys stand out. The new one is generic. Anyhow. I'm saving up for a Ninja H2.

  • Tom on a Ninja H2, now that's something I'd like to see!!!

  • Straight into the nearest creek.