Right whos upgraded their air filter without re mapping it I ve been told its...

Right, whos upgraded their air filter without re-mapping it?... I've been told its a big no no as it will mess with the air and fuel mixture too much!

  • Sorry but your knowledge sounds wrong to me.I've had my 14 for two years,no pinking ever,and that was standard and modded

  • I have ridden 2012, 2013, & 2014 (Gen 2 or ZX14R).

  • Mine pops under hard acceleration, and on the over run. I love it, dosent bother me, and the foot flames in the dark are awesome.

    My old zx6r j2 ran rich aswell, its a kawasaki thing. Propably to get the top end out of them?

  • Well mine experience detonation (a rattly sound from the top of the motor) under the conditions described.

  • Kawasaki say that it is normal and will not damage the engine.

  • Official line. In the life of the bike it won't cause a problem.

  • If kwaka say its ok, its good enough for me :-)

  • Mines a gen one,and never had that issue..

  • Like I say, I have never ridden a Gen 1. I think the Gen 2 runs a higher compression ratio.

  • Anyone with a Gen 2 or late ZX10R noticed the sound I am talking about? It is discussed on some US ZX14/ZX14R forums.