Right guys and gals I need cheapest UK suppliers for EBC HH Sintered pads for...

Right guys and gals, I need cheapest UK suppliers for EBC HH Sintered pads for the front of the beast. Any recent purchases or deals?

  • EBay. I can't see a bricks and mortar shop being cheaper .

  • Hi Graham i gt a full set front and rear from sportsbike.com just before Xmas they had deals on was £69 for full set front and back . Not sure if they still have offers on thou ☺☺

  • I agree, ebay. Just makesure you buy from a dealer that sells on there :-)

  • Hmmm... that domain is for sale - is it correct Kenny?

  • Sorry graham . Still half asleep not long woke up as work nights lol. It's the shop on line through mcn . ☺☺☺

  • Yes, found a full set of fronts on eBay, £59.99. They're £31 "a side" on the sportsbikeshop.co.uk site Kenny, but thanks for the link, I'll add it to my list for future shopping.

  • No worries m8 when I gt them before Xmas they were on offer like I said ☺☺☺

  • Do you not have google???

  • Of course I do, but deals, voucher codes and other discounts aren't available from a single google search. Have you never bought something then days afterwards have a friend say, "you should've gone here, or should've spoken to Phil"? I have, which is why (in addition to Google) I ask my mates every time before I commit to a purchase.