• Right folks I m hunting for a hens tooth

    Right folks I'm hunting for a hens tooth.

    I am looking for a swingarm chain slider/rubber for a 1990 ZXR750 H2.

    Hopefully someone has one sat gathering dust on a shelf which they're willing to part with. Cheers Dave

    • Hi Dave just got some bits for my 1978 Z1000 LTD from Z power give them a call 01942 262864 hope it helps

    • I just looked on line & they've not got it but they'll contact them to see if they can give me some pointers

    • Hi Dave hope you get sorted

    • Will an h1 fit mate

    • Nah as the H2 arm is different & KHI went all out to redesign the back end on the H2

    • Sorted now,