Riding season is. slowly. approaching. Time to get the bike out of hibernation


Riding season is (slowly) approaching! Time to get the bike out of hibernation.

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  • Looks great.

  • Dang, the red on the Versys is sexy too!

  • Season approaching? Where have you been? We've all been riding since February.

  • I'm in Florida. Where it thunderstorms for 3 hours every afternoon and temperatures don't drop below 90°. You can't ride in Summer.

  • I was supposed to ride this afternoon but stayed home because the wife is sick. That said, it's Florida sweltering here. Misery even in mesh gear.

  • I'm on coastal Carolina and is been in the 90s with an evening commute thunderstorm almost every day. I still ride. The right gear makes all the difference.

  • Sure, but I want to prolong the life of my bike. I don't ride in foul weather if I can help it.

  • I just avoid ice. Everything else is part of why I got a bike that is capable of off pavement travel :)

  • Ice, shmice...