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Hi All:

I'm contemplating getting the Avenger. Since I'm a novice rider (like, really so), I'm concerned about the claims of less than stellar handling characteristics as indicated in this particularly level-headed (ie not fanboyish) user review here from India: review-rpnprpottr

What are your thoughts?

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  • James Canning seriously? That's a shot across my bow :P

  • The Lifan 250 is actually a clone of the Virago 250. :) . As for the front tires, I would agree. Even with my eliminator, I've had 2-3 incidents that it skid. Scared the hell out of me. But you can fit a bigger tire. I have a total of 5 bikes. And out of all of them, the CB400 was always the most reliable. The only problem is it is not friendly with the gas consumption since it is an inline 4. :D

  • Alvin Casper Yang I was initially set on a Super4, just like any other big bike aspirant, but aside from fluctuating prices and lack of a credible source, it was a daunting for someone with 0 knowhow in bike maintenance. I trusted a friend to help me out which led me to purchasing a Bandit instead of a Super4, which basically ended quite badly (had to resell the bike back at loss). So I'm looking for a local bike bought new to start out and the Avenger was a surprise (since I didn't know we had locally available non-gray market cruisers), which led me to this group.

  • Yeah. That's the issue with the Super 4 since you really need to know someone that could source parts for you. There's really not much cruisers here. If you have a 6 figure budget, I'd go for the Vulcan S. It is around 300k brand new.

  • I wish I had a 6 figure budget, even if I did, I'd rather not drop it while learning :D Which is why a smaller bike is in order. On a side note, didn't know the Vulcan was down to 300k, used to be 580k or something when I was looking.

  • Alvin Casper Yang I looked up the Vulcan S and it is evil. I think I know what I'll be aiming for now, no thanks to you, ha ha

  • Hahaha.. no problem. I'm tempted to sell my virago 250 & cb400sf for the vulcan S. Indeed. Gotta love kawasaki when it comes designing motorcycles ...

  • what year is your virago? any pics?

  • haha, right. pics and pricing mate!

  • It's a 1997 Virago 250. Red. I'll take pics later. Just got the seat reupholstered. :)