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    Kawasaki Racing Team Hoodie

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    • I need it in purple

    • this is the official paddock hoodie. In purple it doesn't exists.

    • Then meke it ss

    • Anja Kristensen maybe you are interest in Kawasaki jacket. http://www.vernetro.com/kawasa ki-jacket-textile

    • Only in purple my bike is purple

    • Anja Kristensen I understand. You have a great paintjob on your bike. But is a Kawi and the official color is green. For cold nights it is a warm kawasaki hoodie and now it is a great offer.

    • But why it is only a color s

    • Anja Kristensen this is the official Kawasaki Racing team hoodie. They have only one color and style. Just like Valentino Rossi with his team. They have the blue and white color theme. Kawasaki SBK racint team have this hoodie.

    • Anja Kristensen as well as t-shirts, polo shirts, shirt and many other, but same colors.

    • Why meke kawasaki in other colour if i only can get it in green

    • Anja Kristensen you have a custom color on your bike, that isn't official from the factory.

    • Ktm has orange, kawasaki has green

    • It is black when i buy it og my boyfrind is blue

    • And you can get et in red to from new

    • Anja Kristensen yes, but the official color from the Kawasaki racing team is green and black.

    • I now

    • But i can ride on a purple kawasaki and have a green jacket on ss

    • Anja Kristensen yes you can. It is a kawasaki.

    • Yes but not ss

    • Anja Kristensen agree with you. Now the choice is yours.