• Relocated rear brake caliper. Cleans up the rear nicely

    Relocated rear brake caliper. Cleans up the rear nicely.

    • You have any pics of the bracket before and after the mod? I like the looks

    • Here is a before shot. I am in the process of making a Drifter style rear fender and needed to clean it up a bit.

    • I gotta do that

    • You should chrome it also :)

    • Step 1: lift bike and loosen axle

      Step 2: take caliper off the bracket and squeeze between the swing arm tubes.

      Step 3: slide bracket off, place in front of swing arm, hold in place. With your other hand take a sharpee and draw a line where the lower tube clears the bracket and the caliper would bolt.

      Ste 3: used a dremel with a metal cutting wheel to take off excess. Its better to not cut off too much and grind down as needed.

    • Shane Medlin, I should. I got the idea from you and Ponch.

    • I like that look on the relocated brake calipers.

    • Nice

    • You can't like your own posts rick...lmao