Well guys I have some exciting news and am honored to be the delivery man. Actually if this doesn't work out I could be asshole

Had a great lengthy exchange tonight with Dave Roberts. Many may not know but Dave@ILR was the last person as far as we know to have oem quality new plastics made. The west coast guys may be able to elaborate more on that. Well with the current state of affairs (availability, price and interest) Dave will be taking steps to go ahead with another run, which ultimately would start with test pieces. There is a lot of things that are required to happen, it's not cut and dry process per say. However wheels will be put in motion here now. In a nut shell, Dave will be looking into the mold situation, are the original molds that were used before still available? if not there are still options. sounds like 2 countries have expressed interest in doing the work. Way to much information to post. bottom line is we need to know who's serious. honestly I'm 35 years old and I missed the last go of this so you can bet your ass I'm loading up for life. He figures he will have to come up with the $10k to get the manufacturer willing to work. before he said they would do the work without much cash down and would usually make a couple test sets to dial them into spec, not they want the money and will keep building them until desired spec is met. he mentioned the green isn't exactly a perfect color match to oem. so you guys can do the math, $10k is needed, I imagine dave will put out a little himself, just a guess, but outside investment is required (US the enthusiasts ). exact cost per set is not yet known as that will be his goal this week to get that nailed down.

so very exciting news guys. I have always put lines in the water and tonight we were given a reason for optimism. with daves permission he permitted me to release the great news.

once he gets the info we needs I'm hoping that includes approximate cost per set.

who wants fenders and who is ready to put the money out?

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  • I can have molds made here locally in the Metro Detroit area. And have them made in Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber.

    Someone stole my good plastics a few years ago, so that project has just been sitting on hold. Was having Carbon Fiber ones made .

  • let me rephrase this ,Dave said he was told $250-300K to have new molds from scratch made in the USA

  • I can have molds made for less than 1/10 of that quote

  • I'm in for sure .

  • Brandon Newman then get at it. if you get it done and done properly and it's cheaper I'll buy from you. Difference between you and dave Roberts is he has done it before successfully. don't mind my lack of enthusiasm. there is a reason he is the only man to get it done to date. I'd get your ass in gear because wheels are in motion out on the west coast. I been doing this along time and I find it highly unlikely the market will all of a sudden be saturated with complete repo tecate 4 plastics. you may have a tough time getting other people money when you got Dave@ILR as other option

  • Does anyone know if Dave has spoke with Kawasaki on the fenders? The 86-87 Tecate 3 rear fenders have recently become available thru them after being discontinued for years. The fenders being shipped have current production dates.

  • Maybe kawi started seeing demand maybe everyone in the group should email kawi blow there emails up with regards to the fender demand sure small to them hey us 4 wheeler guys still here even though no sport quads other than yamaha

  • That's what I'm thinking. We may all have to go to our local dealer and place an order to get the ball rolling but it'd be worth it.

  • I would like a White set of rears and the schrods to complete my build

  • Did you not read my comment?

    My clean plastics got stolen , and put an end to the project . bc i have no plastics to have the mold made now.

  • Lmao , i have carbon fiber molds made for racecar parts all the time....

  • I read what you said. it's not the first time someone says they can do it but haven't and don't have plastics to show. that's all I'm saying. if you can get it done before dave then go to it. I've also been told you can't make the fenders to oem spec with carbon or fiberglass as per greg@ORI. .... either way ya got your work cut out for ya and I putting my money on dave to deliver..... when the price comes in let us know how many sets your in for...

  • k.

  • I would like a set.

  • Dustin Sayne this is Rouge, no kawasaki involvement that I'm aware of. the molds may have kawasaki ties but this is not something that will be restocked or that you will see part numbers on... that being said who the hell knows what kawasaki as a corporation can decide day to day. maybe they should because the 4T's aren't staying long

  • I'm thinking it may be possible to persuade Kawasaki into doing a few runs if they still have the molds. Derek Raymo do you know anything about the molds that Dave used last time?

  • Any word on how much each set would cost I would probably want to or three sets but I need to know prices first any info is appreciated thank you

  • Start saving now boys... then it doesn't matter what they cost. Lol

  • I can still have molds made , for less , if anyone wants to invest.

  • for injection molding with oem quality? go for it man.

  • Brandon Newman if ya want or can do it go ahead. Do it in your own thread don't fuck mine up. Dave Roberts has done it once before, fact. you haven't, fact. go start your own thread. I get it, you don't want any sets from us, thanks

  • And for Carbon Fiber

  • Cool. start your own thread please

  • Why are you so butt hurt?

    I get it , you're out to make a profit off people , good for you.

    But don't come at me for trying to help people out.

  • lol. I'm not making anything. Dave Roberts don't have Facebook and don't want to.....I'm relaying info.... fuck all to do with me....

  • You act like there is a shit load of these out there to make money off of .

  • Wtf are you talking about?

  • go make fenders and fuck off

  • Lmao, calm down before you have a stroke ya angry Bastard

  • Here's the deal Brandon, some of us have been doing these bikes for years. Guys have come and gone over and over saying they are making fenders, this and that. They come, and they go. It's very unlikely you will get anyone to front you a pile of cash to get the ball rolling. I tried that with the power valves and ended up having to refund half a dozen people's money because they ran out of patience.

  • I have an industry connection , but you want to act like you're special and not consider a possibly cost effective route.

  • lol... I'm fine, I'm just sick of your shit.....there is a reason you haven't had fuck all made.... your to dumb to understand that. I have a real tough time when dave says roughly 300k to have complete oem spec molds made in the usa and you claim you can do it for significantly less but have yet to set a price or any details..... just excuses.... so don't talk shit on my thread.....

  • then do it man, quit talking shit and show us some product....

  • I'm not gonna foot the bill , that's the point. If you wanted to , as i said, i have an option. But you wanted to act like a complete assclown.

    I could care less , mine has fenders.

  • good we are on the same page.... who is going to spend a dollar with you when you have nothing to show??? seriously? dave has done this before. there was an oder done on kawieriders around 03-04 I believe... he has located the factory molds..... there is no better case scenario. ..

  • Pretty much here's the deal, if you don't have something going to show people, they aren't going to send you money. These guys have heard hundreds of empty promises. Very few of which ever went anywhere. Derek is being realistic, he has been doing this a long time and has seen this over and over. Dave is the real deal, we know he will follow through. We don't know about you.

  • Hey guys. so heavy discussions with Dave, I've come to the conclusion I can't bear the financial requirements to kick start production. it's more of a business endeavour and I'm not fiscally a business man.... I'm better suited to be a supporter and buy fenders..... if any of you guys have cash to spend I suggest talking to Dave@ILR. it's well within grasp.... at this time I don't have the equity to put down and front the bill..... very frustrating. makes me feel like a little

  • Derek why don't we try to do a go fund me account that way we could invest money as we go

  • it's complicated. who's paying in, how much is fair.....the first 5800$ is non recurring and that's just to look at the molds.....if molds are fucked or need work we either lose the money or have to put in more......

    ask that guy from Detroit what his deal is... opportunity for him to put his money where his mouth is. .....

  • I'd say just hold the go fund page until the money is all there and whoever put money in doesn't mind putting up for the cause I'm sure a lot of people would put up what they can I know I would

  • PayPal is a better option. The percentage lost to them is smaller

  • Can we make an open account for the group to deposit till we hit our mark

  • Just found this thread. If I'm reading this correctly, we are talking about a set of Kawasaki molds that got out of the factory somehow? And that in order to even knock the dust off to see if they are still capable of producing fenders they are $5800? And if they are damaged the $5800 is gone? If the the 5800 is the gamble why not try and just buy the molds at that point? If they aren't any good were still out. If they are Then someone here controls production instead of 5800 plus production profits to the place that owns the molds. Is that possible.

  • talk to dave Roberts. ..

  • I know the company i work for had molds tooled for a plastic piece the size of your plam for $110,000. Im guessing buying or making the molds would be more then $5800