• Recommended places in Prince George, Virginia

    The power valves in my 88 T4 went to hell does anybody know where I can get any or any suggestions about doing away with them any help would be appreciated

    • Mike chick have any ?

    • I have a set of the billet ones I'm not using

    • Interested in selling them

    • I would pm me

    • I don't have any. We are mid run. Andrew, I don't take prepaid orders because my machinist is slow. Sometimes slow enough that guys lose patience and want refunds. I pay out of my pocket and when I sell them it takes me 2 years to recoup my money. By not taking prepay I owe no finish date. It's easiest for me that way

    • greg@ORI is great. but in regards to power valves as far I have ever known he only has new ones if Mike Chick has them made, he only has oem valves if guy like myself (in the past) sell him multiples and he buys and sells himself.

    • He says he has some used ones---but probably wants a premium for them, but that's the saga of a Tecate owner !!

    • I hear that Lee.. Parts are NOT inexpensive like 250R parts!

    • If he dont buy them i will

    • Just picked up a run of P/V's get them while I have them!

    • How much do you want for a set I need them