• Recommended places in

    anyone in UK got any recommendations for good insurance company? cheers guys

    • Princible for me via compare the market £220 51 yo 5yrs ncb no points 2016 ps

    • I'm with swinton.quite reasonable

    • Ask Keith Gilligan I think he gets his for next to nowt

    • With devitt. £185 f/c with 300 xcess

    • are you guys all IAM/live in the sticks/under a thousand mile a year/sleep with it chained to a pack of rotties in the bedroom type guys lol, 53yr old here, had a 2009,2012,2015 ZZR1400 (I know I sell them after a year or so) and still I'm being quoted anywhere between £400 and £680 fully comp lol

    • 38 . Garaged . 6 yrs no claims . Done bike safe .

    • garaged and 12 years no claims here

    • Get another quote mate you shouldn't pay that much ,I'm in Cheshire but yours is three times mine

    • went on go compare, carole nash and a couple of others. think I'm gonna have to do it the old fashioned way and spend the day ringing and haggling lol (I live just outside of Birmingham city, but still bugger me) lol

    • You can insure it at mine for £100 cash

    • Yep principle

    • MCE quote £226 with £2000 excess but no idea if they are any good

    • Fookin ell my excess is £500

    • £500,that's what all the others are quoting excess as well

    • Cw8 postcode 51 5 years ncd no points £227 with pillion

    • think I might move up there and commute to here lol

    • Ring principal they will beat it and can also sort excess policy to cover your excess, madness but it works.

    • James Booth yep think that's the way forward

    • Gary Spud Taylor no points ever here either

    • It's where you live for sure

    • bloody brummies lol

    • I have a 2014 Performance sport, £178 with £550 excess with MCE.

      And yes, I do live in the countryside in Lincolnshire, not a Rottie but a German Shepherd, three points on my licence and maximum no claims bonus.

      It also makes a big difference what you do for a living.

    • Bennetts. Been with them a few years for both bikes. They will accept a few mods without loading your premium. Just renewed the Gen 1 cover yesterday. Pillion cover, 90 day European cover, luggage covered. Comprehensive £131 with £350 excess. Most others had 6-800 excess.

      Buy through TopCashback website & you get £22 Cashback but you have to wait a few weeks.

    • Occupation can make a massive difference to your quote. I was paying sub £100 until I went self employed!

    • Don't forget MCN Compare as well as the other comparison sites. Another tip....clear all your cookies & delete your browsing history after wach comparison site cos the remember you. Then do a direct quote with the three cheapest/most suitable companies direct. Then haggle on the phone.

    • Work as an office admin with the council, will try man tomorrow night, had enough of looking for this evening lol

    • Im with MCE mate, also used Bennetts.

    • Went with bennetts even though they are useless if you claim cause they were loads cheaper than existing insurer. Think they quoted £110 so i ticked every optional extra and ended up with £185 or thereabouts. Currently living in a postcode where crime is something that they read about in the daily mail. Downsides are archaic broadband speed and when it snows you are stuck in the village.

    • Does daffyd live there

    • 50, 9+NCD (protected), self-employed working from home, 2015 Performance Edition (Not Performance Sport - I wasn't aware there was a 'mid spec' one until I got this bike), 10000 miles includes Class 1 business use (I can use it as a Blood bike and for IAM observing) and track day cover, via IAM Surety, £235. Excess is £400 IIRC.

    • So insurance all sorted now and found out that it's so high cos it's next door to one of the top 5 most worstest places to insure a bike in the country. So roll on a week Wednesday yayyy