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Looking for a cap for my tank as mine has become very stiff and is a struggle to unlock. Does anyone have one or know where i can get one from? None on ebay for 1997 model.

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  • Try squirting some chain lube into the key hole.

  • Tried this already also tried wd40. Thanks though.

  • Petrol cap only £100 from Kawasaki!!!

  • Never inspected it on mine but if it comes apart take it apart clean it and grease it, might work might not.

  • trying putting some oil in it,, and when locking/unlocking push down on it..

  • which cap . round or square ??

  • ahhh 1997 model .. i think i may have one but think you'd need to find a key

  • If you are talking about opening it with the key, try some silicon spray or even rub the key with a pencil to get some graphite on it.

  • Thanks for your message i have tried this and it is a real struggle. I even got another key cut so it wud be stronger as my other key just bends

  • Thanks for your reply. Tried silicon spray. Lube and wd40 but its a real struggle. Even pushing it down too. Ive had to get i new key cut as it just kept bending my other one.

  • i can sort a good square cap and key out as i baught a lock set with one key for the ignition , but if i swap the caps over which i intended to do at some point i could supply the cap and key for 20 quid plus postage

  • is it stiff while it's up? not in the tank - try oiling the mortice directly and moving it in and out, try and get some behind it, seeif can work it loose...mines the same and need to do this regularly as the fuel washes the lubrication away...guess you will need a new one if no good then