rear brake light no lighting up fronts ok will it be the switch. easy fix


rear brake light no lighting up, fronts ok, will it be the switch? easy fix?

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  • Could be the bulb is blowing

  • thought front and back were on same bulb, obviously not, i`ll check it out in daylight. thanks Roy

  • Good luck

  • If your living-room light didn't work but your bedroom light did, what would you check?

  • kitchen light Les, haha, ok i get it. ta

  • Wd40 and a pair of pliers. Gently gently and you'll work it out.

  • New switch is less than twenty off eBay and about same again in minutes to fit. If it is the switch freeing and lubing will not last long. Buy a new one.

  • Chuck a wire between the terminals on the rear brake switch if it lights up it more then likely the switch , by a multi meter ,

  • Ah ha, but if Kawasaki rewired your house so the living room switch and the bedroom switch turned on the same bulb, but the living room switch suddenly stopped working, despite the bedroom switch working just fine, then what would you check?

  • Brake light & fronts, same switch? What?

  • Hmm, I've just reread it, see what you mean. I've read fronts as the front brake switch, but the more I read it the more I'm confused. Gonna check my bike now for a brake light on the front :/

  • Yeah, I've re-read it too, I think you're right, front switch is working, rear switch isn't. Doh!

  • If I got a job with the grammar Police all this could be sorted out. I think there's an apostrophe missing from the original question that's worthy of a £60 fine. So no, it's not a "Doh!", moment from you Les, but I think Kevin should cough up and buy us a beer for causing confusion!

  • Bloody hell guys, was a simple question

  • Ha Ha (y)