Really tempted to buy a old dishwasher to rig up in the shed as a parts...


Really tempted to buy a old dishwasher to rig the shed as a parts cleaner for the zed bits lol

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  • Yeah it's my man cave full fitted kitchen also

  • Roland if you spent this much time putting your Z back together then posting on here you could come to the Ace cafe meet lol

  • I haven't got a shed or mancave. My Zed is in a tiny lockup 2 miles from my house with no electricity or heating. I'm doing all the work myself, with no help and minimal tools, and I was skint for a few months. Not ideal conditions for rebuilding bikes over the winter. I'm rich now so I can crack on with it.

  • I'm not going to any meets until it's completely finished, I'm not turning up on a scruffy heap to have the piss ripped out of me. I'll take as long as it needs, I won't rush it.

  • Or maybe you'd like me to stop posting and leave the group?

  • i wouldn't be too worried .. i might not be finished by then i'm still going on the zed .. and as for getting a ribbing i turned up to a zed meet and kawasaki day on my cbr

  • I'm not worried, just want it to be right before I let anyone see it in the flesh.

  • Hang on a minute I'm not having a dig so don't think I am it's all about have a laugh C model's and D model's I Don't fly off the handle when someone says something like that, we've all been there with no cash ect like you we've picked ourselves up dusted ourselves down and got on with life. Nobody in my opinion on here would take the piss out of your bike what ever state it's in like I've said do many times on here owning a ZZR it's a passion not a Hobby?

    But if you want to leave the group that's your choice and your choice alone no one on here has said you are not welcome but if you do then I, me think that's very childish.

  • For all I know the engine's fooked after standing outside for 8 years, all I've done is turn it over for a few seconds. Once I know it runs I'll get the other bits like the paint sorted out. It's slowly coming together but I'm not in any rush. I haven't even decided what to do with it when it's finished, use it or get a new(er) bike. Toying with the idea of buying a ZZR 1400 but I haven't got space to keep 3 bikes.

  • hey now enough of this carry on we are all zzr lovers and know out old girls give us grief look at what I've gone through with mine...and I've had the piss taken out of mine but as I know these guys and they of ever mean it in fun!!

  • and your lucky to have a place mine is done outside the front door cause irish ppl don't believe in bloody garages the backward buggers lol

  • The garage mine is in isn't even mine, it's my brother's and it's 2 miles from my house, with a wonky door, no electricity and no heating.

  • I know mate nothing worth while is easy unfortunately!! the thing is your doing it and it's getting there... and honestly it takes as long as it takes...your doing good good work and unlike some other site these guys are all fired up to help if they can or if I can we do...

  • Time to do a bit more.

  • I'm out of time have to pick up kids and that's all the time I get to do any work

  • Mine will look crap too sod it don't forget biking is also about the friends you make while talking about your shit heap project so I'm going to make loads of new friends lol

  • Iv not got a shed but if I did I wouldnt let the wife near it.(Old dishwasher)

  • Not after Colin's finished with it, in fact we probably won't speak to you at all

  • 3 sheds and a dishwasher in the kitchen... Who do you think uses them? Cos it ain't me!

  • Obviously the sheds aren't in the kitchen too, that would a good extension tho

  • When you coming over mr muff ?

  • Still in and out of hospital mate I'm here now

  • What time you popping in ? :)

  • When you put 'I'm here now' i thought your 'here' now :D

  • I've got my old kitchen in the shed lol

  • too true Muffy .. the friends and projects bit