Really like this Nitro x580 helmet proper 60 s feel to it

Really like this Nitro x580 helmet, proper 60's feel to it.

  • Many friend, after seeing me on the W, almost always tell me how 'cool' it would be if I wear an open-faced helmet (half-helmet, at that!) with googles on while riding...

    I told them all: "Sorry, it's NOT cool when a small pebble coming off a truck's tyre hits my face when I'm traveling at only 60km/h. Of course, it its worse if I was going faster. Heck, even an exo-skeletoned bettle hitting my face at that speed is damn painful..."

    Kris, the wings are high in fibre, I think... :P

  • stones apparently bees is my big fear im allergic to bee sting

  • It's really hard not agree with both sides of the open vs closed "face" helmet discussion. I recounted my experience in another thread (faceplant), and after reading Jonathon's comment, I have to agree with him - and Raven's question was about fashion/aethetics. With that in mind, I love the look of that helmet - but I look much better in a full-face with a dark shield! ;)

  • Point taken. My apologies to all.

  • Nevertheless, I still like to own one nice open-faced helmet (with a pair of goggles) to be used for very-slow riding within, say, 10km radius of my house... the convenience store, coffee shop, bakery, DVD shop, massage shop, etc... ;)

  • Smallest allowed open helmet. Sunvisor and glasses, or goggles. Big screen. That's it for about 35 years. Before I have had "integral" helmets and I find that they take away too much sound and sight.

  • My open face is an HJC 3/4 with a flip up shield, I used it primarily for doing demos when I taught motorcycle safety. When I first started riding in 1964, I wore a Buco when I wore a helmet at all (Florida passed their helmet law in 1968, and I haven't ridden without one since.....went in the USAF in 1970, and they required helmet wear whenever you rode), just a little more than a half helmet.

    I taught motorcycle safety from 1985-2009, anyone who's read all the research and seen as many riders as I did in those years (I taught in Southern CA, 4 of the Hawaiian Islands, and North Florida....taught year round, on campuses, bases, and on private sites. In 1990, my most prolific year, I taught 10,000 students and was the CA Instructor of the year), would be hard pressed to even consider wearing a half helmet, since they really do not provide enough protection to warrant wearing don't get direct Sun on your head, and hide bald spots, are their only good points, but according to the HURT REPORT, they seldom stay on during impact and don't cover areas typically hit during a crash.

    Most crashes happen within the first 10 minutes of the ride, and most fatals have a head impact speed of 12 MPH (Thats about the speed induced by a 6 ft person slipping and falling in a shower). Your skulls "burst rate" is 250 lbs per square inch, or an impact speed of 10 MPH.

    Anyway, when I started riding, the only place you saw full face helmets, was on the track.....and most riders wore a 3/4 even in professional racing. Track only full face helmets had a very small opening to see out of, the faster you go, the less peripheral vision you have track was about the only place that they made sense from a safety stand point. By USA DOT standards, a helmet must provide 120 degrees of peripheral vision to be street legal (most people have only 90 degrees of peripheral vision).

    If you are going for a 70's style, full face helmet...I would recommend the Simpson Bandit in will give you that Darth Vader look. But the iconic 70's helmet in the USA, would have to be a gold metal flake 3/4 helmet with a bubble, snap on, shield.

  • Yeah, many Harley riders love those turtle-shell half helmets (if you can actually call those crap 'helmets')... The worse ones are the type that has almost ZERO padding. Just the shell, thin styrofoam lining and a few mm of so-called padding! No protection whatsoever...

  • And in Malaysia, there are many foreigners who live and work here... and they own Harleys. Wearing those stupid 'helmets', sleeveless shirts and fingerless gloves most of the time while riding... because they 'love' our sunshine. The saddest part is when they start talking about safety...