Ready to finish my bike As you guys know some mechanic took my forks and...


Ready to finish my bike. As you guys know some mechanic took my forks and lowering kit for front and rear springs N never came back so gotta purchase all again to finish my build. Anyone have forks for sale? Used rear lowered shock kit?

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  • The shocks I have are new and 10 "

    Thr forks all chrome with the bells...Do you have axle and spacers...

  • I have all the bells for the forks. I remember talking to you know. You didn't want to separate it, correct?

  • Call me when you can


  • Complete front end including wing..mounts...forks....rim and new tire..triple tree...shocks....axle..spacers... $800

  • Can't afford that

    How much for the forks and Wing alone?

  • $400

    WING freight......or may meet halfway....

  • Most sell forks with bells extra....

  • Fork springs modified so front sits 1 1/2" lower.....

  • Vn800 drifter. I have a dogbone that has been legthened 3/8 to give a 3" drop and frt spring spacers cut for a 2-1/2" drop in the frt. Took them off because at 290lbs i kept bottoming out on my gravel driveway on the bumps. Takes about 1 hr for install.

  • Does the front spacers fit with my springs or you still have the springs it came with?

  • Yes I need the dogbone too please

  • Alan please call me 214.994.3337

    Might just do that

  • The spacers are the original steel factory units (rather than pvc) shortened by 2.5 inches. You will loosten the upper clamps, pop off the chrome covers, lift the frt off the grd, use a tool to push the plate inside the fork down a 1/4 " then remove the snap ring and allow the plate to be pushed up. Reach inside the tube, lift out the original tube, drop in the new one and reverse the process.

  • Would you sell my the dogbone by itself ?

  • The forks are already lowered, correct? Please text me pics of the front and back of wing when you could please

  • I'll sell you the set for $35 shipped thats what i have into the welding.

  • Ok I'll take it

  • Pm me your address

  • Please pay attention to the corrected adderess im my pm. Thanks, Tank

  • Glad to hear your close to finishing your bike....again.

    I still have the drag pipes if your interested. Just msg me bud

  • Ok I'll message you now