• Ooh i see

  • I find normal engine oil is a good way to clean your chain. It's cheap and everyone has some oil lying around. Brush on, wipe off with a cloth then lube with your favourite lube.

  • As long as its cleaned on need expensive oil.

  • I don't use expensive oil. Just whatever is in the garage. And what is this schedule you speak of?

  • Every certain mileage or months

  • Seriously!!! Mine gets cleaned when I remember or if it's been raining a lot

  • On the paper is written 300km...

    But you don't have to follow...

    Observe your chain... if too dry, lube it...

    If too dirty, clean it...

    I lube my bike every weekend. I wash n lube my bike every 2 weeks once.. i was my bike once a month.

    If raining, i lube it the next day or I just switch on my Scottoiler...

    There is no right or wrong for what I'm doing. That's just personal reference...

  • I personally prefer to spend my time riding

  • U r damn ride... we r just slave to our bike!

    but I'm some how balance up as well... Since I'm riding it everyday... give it a good care act as appreciation...

  • I ride mine every day to get to work and for fun

  • I mean u r right! Typo!

    I have been a slave to my bike, but i have seen worst! Hahahaha

    I ride mine 365 per year... since I don't have a 4 wheels.. beside my gf have it...

    I have been riding it to every where.

    I believe Darren Elbrow is the same...

    The different is everything in Malaysia seems to be expensive, thus taking care of our bike to reduce costly repairs...

  • Kerosene for cleaning your chain. nothing beats it.

  • Kevin Ng you want to live in the UK , everything is way more expensive

  • What he purchase is Kerosene in a bottle. Those are kerosene pack in seal pressure tin.

  • I suppose its a nice combination if you're on the road away from the garage. I was going to add I use my air compressor as part of the cleaning process to blow away dirt etc.

  • Hmmm... i can't judge it... because I never been to UK.

    i know that our average earning for engineer is about RM4000. Versys cost RM40,000. A simple set of chain cost RM400... I'm not sure if this is cheaper or more expensive then UK...

  • Don't get too high pressure... u might likely blow off the O-rings or Xrings

  • Kevin Ng you make a good point here, if "prolonging" the life of your chain costs more than just replacing it then you're not really winning here. I use kerosene and my air compressor to clean, then for lube I use engine oil with a high viscosity, I just brush it on. take it for a ride then wipe away any spray. each to their own I guess.

  • Daniel Dray, that's the cheapest way to do it...

  • Kevin everything to do with bikes is expensive

  • Brushing also can get the ring off..breaking the chain

  • I use a toothbrush, not going to do much damage to a bike chain

  • Zulhazri you are too funny! :D Your bike must be treated like a king! Brushing is fine for a chain in fact. you should be using one of these .... $3 on ebay

  • Am I missing something about bike chains? I thought the o rings are inside the plates , not exposed to the outside world

  • I have that brush too..same colour.Havent used it yet

  • I use to use that chain wax on my bike. I switched to the silver can maxima lube, way cleaner and doesn't let dirt attach like the wax does

  • I clean and lube after every wash. I wash often since I live in a desert and the bike gets dirty quick. Also, my chain gets pretty dirty and I don't want to wear my sprocket down from sand in my chain.