Raven Wood shared GetGeared's photo to the group: Kawasaki W650.

  • Lucy in the sky with diamonds and Stairway to heaven sprung to mind.

  • Disco flashing lites.

  • Obtain one elephant, feed with an absurd amount of Jerusalem Artichokes. Shove multicoloured paintball ammunition up its jacksie. Stand aside to admire result...

  • I love it... Will get one for my future daughter... :)

  • Hope Your not talking about the elephant Azlan, lol

  • no fluffy dice hanging from the bar ends? FAIL!

  • I want handle tassels....

  • Rabbit's foot or fox tail...

  • Pretty streamers.... Lol

  • "Next on American Chopper. Can OCC pull off the vomit themed bike in time for Daytona Bike Week?!"

  • Pauly Jr.: "So this bike is based off of the time I ate too much cotton candy and funnel cakes at the state fair and then decided to ride the teacups....."