Rant of the day


Rant of the day.

Come on guys let's use the right terms when we talk.

1 it's an engine not a motor an Engine makes its own power an motor uses a remote power supply ie Hydraulics or electricity.

2 it's an compression release. Not a decompression valve. We are releasing some of the competition so it's not as hard to kick over. Not unsqueezing it.

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  • bad spellers of the world UNTIE..

  • dun mat her ass long as it his a KX fife hun dread

  • Try using the correct spelling and grammar before asking others to get their shit together.

  • Last time I use talk to text to make a post. Lol

  • #2 is not right,compression is being released,we eleminate power competition with the K5

  • Loosen up..

  • My power band needs swapping for a tighter one.

  • Internal combustion engine but seriously who give a fuck???

  • Engine? Motor? In the company of like-minded enthusiasts such as ourselves,casual vocabulary or subject specific slang, between members and friends is a way of building relationships between individuals, and also excludes outsiders who cannot join as they don`t speak the lingo.. As long as everyone knows what the term represents,there is no reason to get upset. On the other, very serious hand, the importance of accurate description and proper use of terminology, say when explaining a potentially dangerous task or procedure to somebody, is critical or even more depending on the situation at hand. And the more that we allow our language to become inaccurate the worse our problem becomes.. Imagine trying to tell another how to diffuse a bomb,or do an emergency lifesaving bit of first aid,with very poor communication due to serious degradation of vocabulary by one or all off the parties involved? Some words, such as "mixture" and for example, "solution" seem to be the same thing,but represented by two different words. Know the difference? Its not ones liquid and one is not as you may think. A mixture is a combination of two or more separate things thatcan be simply manually separated again. For example a cup of sugar and one of salt,mixed together. A bitch, but separable with no "Procedure" or "process" required. A "solution" is a combination of ingredients that require a bit more than picking apart. But my point is Motor,engine in a casual setting amoung friends is just casual slang part of bonding. But if you are trelling a guy over the phone how to top a car battery up , he better know that pouring water into battery acid is gonna be way different than pouring battery acid into water.

  • Not at all. But I think the casual error in casual circumstance among friends where nobody is confused or misinformed by the error, is okay. At least not worthy of contention. But I am very concerned at the obvious degradation in use and understanding of vocabulary in general and entire descriptive phrases in particular. By people educated and paid to know better. The newscaster on the evening news. Authors,reporters,teachers,etc.. I think miscomunication that has gradually grown from the ever widening gap between the actual definition of any word or a sentance as delivered, has and will, lead to ,or I should say,be a significant contributing factor in the continued decline of the quality of manner and character already so obvius when compared to the average of 40-50 years ago. LI do not know your age and the era you grew up in, but when I was a child, even acknowledged "bad" parents, never yelled at there children in public saying such things as, "You rotten little bastard! Get your fucking ass over here now! Common enough to escape comment today. Pick your battles and look ahead to predict the effect over time of what seems insignificant or unimportant today.

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    Its arse