Random zip tie on the bottom of the bike. That s weird


Random zip tie on the bottom of the bike? That's weird

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  • Oh, so that block on the bottom is a adhesive magnet... Nice! Nobody mentioned that. I did sit at a light for a while.

  • Yeah it's supposed to go in the lowest part of bike, so the triggers in the street we trip

  • My bike didn't trip at least two lights tonight. Is it normal to run the red? I waited at one light for like five minutes and there was nobody. Almost midnight. Gave up and went on red

  • Careful running the red. You will learn which lights dont trigger for you, safest bet is to try and avoid them rather than running them.

  • It's not a Harley so you don't have to spend too much on maintenance...

  • my zx10r does that to me what i do is get off & run over to the cross walk button hit it then run back to my bike so far has worked

  • Haha creative Jakob

  • These fools out here will steal your bike doing that.

  • I live in a nice area

  • They can't take it if you took the key lol