Ran into an issue today Shifter is sticking I kick down into first and there...


Ran into an issue today. Shifter is sticking (I kick down into first and there is no rebound, I have to manually lift it. Same with upshifting) I had to force it through on my way home from work on the highway; any ideas?

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  • Thank ya, sir

  • Does it need greasing ?

  • That's what I'm hoping, I'm gonna mess with it today. I've had a few opinions that the cable could need adjusting. I need to pick up allen's to take it apart but I'm hoping it's just dirt somewhere in the line. Only has 16k miles

  • I haven't got a ninja 250 but it happened on my R6 turned out to be a dry pivot point.... got to be the easy thing to check first

  • Right. I'm hoping it's not the clutch, I'm not rough on it. I put the rear on a stand and it's just super sticky to shift with my hand so I'm thinking it needs cleared out and greased

  • It not gonna be the clutch, check for greasing or could be the return spring

  • Gotcha here