Quick question I m riding home last night and a bout a mile from home the bike...


Quick question. I'm riding home last night, and a bout a mile from home the bike starts making this high pitch whining sound from the engine somewhere. When I stopped at the lights, the sound stopped. When I started moving again, the sound started up. I know it's not the drive belt, because that bugger squeals like a pig. Anyone have any ideas what it could be. I read somewhere it could be the fuel pump... Oh, I ride an 04, V2K. Cheers...

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  • Front. Pulley of the drive belt, open the cover and add some wd40 on it

  • It took me 3 months to figure it out....

  • It wasn't doing it this morning. So who knows.

  • Just the chrome cover, no need to do the whole mount

  • Yea it comes and goes

    It will start again when it warms up

  • After a few miles

  • While at it, check the belt for small rocks stuck into the belt ribs, I found 2, that where working they way trough the belt...

    Just on time b4 they cut trough

  • I was riding it all winter, so there maybe road salt in the belt. Thanks for the heads up.