Questions Very strange but just one side of my 2012 zzr1400 front left hand...

Questions : Very strange but just one side of my 2012 zzr1400 front left hand side brake pads have worn almost down to the limit, but the rest are ok. Any ideas why just one side is worn? I have tried to get into the caliper to change the worn pads but the bolt is seized solid. Any ideas how to best remove it without knackering the caliper?

If I do need to replace the nissin brake caliper is it the same as the Gen 1? If so what years? I'll try source one from Ebay!


  • I had a caliper bolt that was stuck so I drilled the head off, using increasing in size drill bits until I was 1mm smaller than the bolt, then just knocked the rest of the head off, annoyingly the stud that was left was loose enough to undo with my fingers.

    You may well get away with cleaning the pistons while the caliper is still on the bike and gently easing them back into the caliper than applying the brake to move them out again, but only if they are not corroded and make sure you don't pop a piston out. Use rubber grease to lube them up.

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  • Gen 1 and 2 use the same calipers.

  • Dont force pistons back in until clean or you'll be changing the seals as well....use an extension on the allen key, a ring spanner would do, and get it off...pads out and give it a good scrub with brake cleaner...if you get the pistons clean move on to pressing them back...if they wont go back then the scraper seals have got corrosion behind them pushing the seals and pinching the piston...good luck and take your time

  • Yeah, what he said.

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  • Replace the brake pins with Titanium ones

  • Soak the bolt with penetrating oil over night then use a bit of heat on it as if it's knackered you can't make it worse but it may well do the trick

  • And if all else fail hit it with a big fuck off hammer many not get it out but you will fell better