• Question. what is the average miles to a tank on a vulcan 2000

    Question.....what is the average miles to a tank on a vulcan 2000?

    • I am hopeing for 200 in august...head to flordia.

    • I was getting around 210 on the highway when the bike was stock - havent checked it since the performance upgrades......I seem to be using a little more....but I seem to be revving alot more ;)

    • I can tell when I been misbehaving, 04 v2k no mods. less than 31 mpg. low fuel light comes on when I have burnt approximately 4.5 gallons. when I be a good law abiding person I get upwards to 41 mpg. bottom line,,, 130 to 180 miles before a gallon left in tank.

    • 30mi to the gallon if I'm lucky!

    • I just returned from a slow ride with a first time group rider. I was at 200 miles before the light.

    • yup same whit mine 225 if i am with a group of riders but if i have fun banging the gaz in town and let it go on the hywhay 150 is all i can get out of it... rogue is still stock

    • im wondering how good on gas the rogue is all fixed up with the tranny and butterflies mod plus pipes powercomander and aftermarket hyflow air-filter..i still have all my little gooddies in the boxes in the garage waiting to go on...

    • I really don't know.. I usually fill up around 160 or so miles. I stopped asking for the stress of waiting for the light to come on, then stressing about where the next gas station is. I just fill up when I get around that mark at my leisure. At some point I guess I should figure that out for a long trip in the Idaho, wyoming area in the next couple years..

    • unlimited miles on a tank if you don't crash it !!

    • just refill as needed