Question. Pirelli Supercorsa SP on a c3 good or bad. and why

Question: Pirelli Supercorsa SP on a c3, good or bad ? and why?

  • There shite on my Zzr1100 d1 I cant wait to get my hands on a c model frame to build up. decent pirelli tyres are going on then :-)

  • Any thoughts on Maxxis guys as I need a new rear boot just unsure what to out on that is also reasonably priced.

  • It's your lucky day David Anthony Peace, here's Al Randall's coment from earlier......... Happy negotiating :-) Hi all .. As you know I'm building a zzr11c from scratch .. I've got some bits accumulated so before I eBay them I'll offer them on here as and when I make them For sale .. I have a C1 frame spare that I got as a job lot of parts I needed .. I'm open to offers for the frame .. Handy for anyone going down the same route as me, building from scratch, it's nice to start from a bare frame ..AL..

  • Hi Pat McCullagh ive negotiated a deal with al fir the frame just need to sort out getting her I will need lots of other bits though

  • Well done David, well you're in the right place to get some clues for your other bits and depending on where you are, just keep asking and the chaps on here have lots and lots of links for you.

  • Ive sent you a friends request Pat McCullagh if you could accept and let me know what other bits you have as I know al has some other bits to lol I was going to put my d1 engine in but I prefer the c model engine as its faster lol

  • Well I haven't any bits of use to you David Anthony Peace as I'm currently working on a couple of D3's but of course just keep posting what you need and someone will have some tips for you. One of my favourite breakers e.g. are D&K Motorcycles at Newcastle-under-Lyme (by Stoke on Trent) they're pretty good as they have breaker yards in Japan and America also. My first Zed was a C an American import fully and totally un-restricted.....OMG!! Sadly wrote it off at 55mph, near damn wrote meself off too lol. Happy hunting :-)

  • Add to that, if D&K are ever practical for you to get there, let me know as I'm always happy to have a visit there. Also don't know if you fancied the Ace Cafe run but I also get a little discount at Cradley Kwak West Mids and I've offered to take some top-box sized items down for anyone if it helps.

  • I was going to do it but need to get my building hands on first

  • But to do do I need everything lol