Question instaling pc3 should i still do the transmission wire mod to unlock...


Question?? instaling pc3 should i still do the transmission wire mod to unlock first second and third gear or will the pc3 take care of it since it changes all the injection mapping?

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  • Rob is your fuel pack installed?

  • Most common reason running rich with fuel programmer is incorrect setting WITHOUT programmer air filter is clogged up.

  • I have not installed the fuel pack yet but I did install a new K&N filter. The filter made it a little better but did not solve the problem.

  • Rob is your FI yellow light on when the engine is running? It is very probable your stock mapping device or your ECY is defective but I would replace your spark plugs first. If the engine idles smoothly and runs ok at high RPM the map is screwed up unless the throttle body is loose or you have a vacuum leak. HOW MANY MILES ON THIS ENGINE??

  • There is a diagnostic system on your bike if I had it might tell me what the problem is.

  • Are you sure there is not a fuel programmer already installed? This has happened when purchased used.

  • Does it happen to be a California model if so oxygen sensor went south

  • FI Yello ligh is not on when running. Idles fine, always smooth at any RPM. It does not have a programer (that I know of). No clue if it is a CA modle. Oh, about 50,000 miles.

  • Just remember when doing the butterfly mod use a magnetic tip screwdriver!!!!!

  • Rob Driver, post a picture so we can see what intake/exhaust setup we're talking about. What change on the bike started the problem?