• QUESTION. Hey Brothers I ve got a grill insert to replace the OEM grill screen

    QUESTION: Hey Brothers, I've got a grill insert to replace the OEM grill screen. I've taken the shroud off & so what do I have to do to get screen off to get the skull one on, there's one bolt on top & looks like the bottom of radiator just slides down into two bottom holes. Problem is that I cannot get radiator to go high enough to slide it up enough to clear the bottom posts so I can get to the four side screws(two on each side)..... Any ideas or has anyone else done this? Thnx

    • Ya mine was a piece that went over

    • Yep those are easy. I knew I should of got the same one I had before. Lol

    • My old one was a piece of cake

    • Little bit better pic of what I'm dealing with, just like this one in this pic

    • Brian Foote, think of the screen as a safety net for your radiator. Custom chrome always goes on top/over the screen. My thinking.

    • I like it but I haven't dealt with that yet.

    • That's my original thought to Mike. Unfortunately my new thoughts, is for some reason this new one replaces it. Won't really know until I figure out a way to get that radiator to lean forward for me to be able to get them dang screws out from the sides?

    • If the Dingdong's would of includes some sort of instructions that would of been nice. Ha

    • I had to unbolt some of the bolts to the radiator and take off the radiator hose at the top to get mine on. It wasn't hard I just had to play with it for a while.

    • Instructions !!!

    • Ryan that's exactly what I was thinking I was going to have to do.... What a pain in the azz. Lol

    • you're going to spill a little bit of radiator fluid so prepare for that too. Not much but enough to make a mess. I also took that protective screen off. It was rusted and didn't look good. It does add protection but I'm all about the looks with my bike.

    • Yep, it sucks, but we forge forward with the cuts, bruises & scars to prove it.... though at times it makes us feel like one legged men in a ass kicking contest? HaHa

    • Absolutely!