Question here I m looking to buy a pair of Nomad hard bags and I am wondering...


Question here... I'm looking to buy a pair of Nomad hard bags and I am wondering if all Nomad side opening hard bags are the same size.

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  • Yep all the same and Vaquero Bags are thew same as well I will have a set for sale soon.

  • What color and how much?

  • They are vaquero bags that are red however the one bag i had to replace a door and the door is blue i also still need to fit new locks to them and then i am painting them black then i will sell unless someone wants to paint themselves these are new bags came from a trike conversion 500.00 plus shipping like i said they are not finished yet

  • Hmmm... Candy Cardinal Red?

  • NO it's called candy Fire red

  • anyway it's the red version of the vaquero

  • Almost! Lol thanks for the info.

  • It's gonna be awhile before they are ready look on E-Bay there are several set's on there.

  • Yup I figured so... just bought a pair ( Candy Fire Red / Black ) off a 2008. $450+ shipping.