• Question for those with 2007 2012 Z s I ve read a lot of differing things...

    Question for those with 2007-2012 Z's. I've read a lot of differing things about replacing the standard exhaust. So time to come clean, will the FI light come on if I just remove the cables or does it only happen if you remove the motor.

    • Will only happen if you remove the motor/servo I've removed my cables and left the motor in place and plugged in and no light comes on and my bike runs perfect.

    • Same here as Charlie say,s just remove cables I've no probs!

    • same for me, no FI lights probs! (y)

    • Removed cables, no fi light, tucked them away with cable ties, change that exhaust RIGHT NOW

    • Only cables works Good

    • Same just cables and all gd :-)

    • Thanks guys, got an exhaust picked out just need to purchase, wait for it to arrive and fit ;-)

    • Best thing to do to a zed they sound awesome with a new can I have a carbon fibre stumpy blue flame on mine with no baffles sounds insane