Question for the group I have an 05 V 2K and love everything about it except...


Question for the group I have an 05 V 2K and love everything about it except when the kickstand is down how ridiculously far over the lean of the bike is. This is how I keep the bike in my garage but I do not feel like carrying a block of wood every place I go. Does anybody know of a replacement kickstand made by Kawasaki possibly off of another bike that I can replace this short one with. I'm hoping there is some EZ swap for a different stand. It is so annoying especially when parking in between bikes tightly. Thanks in advance

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  • Location of the kickstand was changed in 2006. If you lower the bike an inch it may be more manageable off the stand.

  • Rod Pimentel is correct. Below is my bike with a 2 inch drop.. you can see it's not really leaning very much..

  • Cut the front wheel all the way to the right before you pick it up and it's much easier to get off the stand.

  • Kawa knew that unlike pencilnecks and their oil-burners, their new bike would be owned by big, burly, badasses. Basically, if you can't pick it up in the showroom, better buy one of them girly bikes. Anyway, early models were built to sort the men from the girls, to allow for lowering and other mods and to ensure that any kid put on the bike by their short-lived parent for a pic without permission will slide right off. Sadly, kawa relented for the sake of sales. For those with early builds, drop the bike an inch and it will sit like the ones in this pic plus the planet will return to its normal axis of rotation. :)

  • This is what I did to my 2005 v2k kickstand. I figured I'd make it match my weakened left leg. Although the leg got titanium and the kickstand got mild steel.

  • I also have an -05, I have changed to a Cobra after market stand, it is longer and is not leaning so much.

  • once offered a longer, by 2", aftermarket option. Might be worth it to give them a call.

  • Ah, ok, maybe it is from Thunder, bought it years ago. It is about 50mm longer ( 2" ), works perfect. Bad chrome though.

  • Change the left down tube from a salvaged 06 07 08 09 10 v2k the KS is mounted lower or buy a new down tube.

  • My 04 sits low as well, the kick stand is hard to get down as well because instead of your heel hitting the stand it hits the clutch linkage. I've almost dropped mine several times because of that.

  • Came home last week and turned into the garage. Had the garden hose out making the turn in too tight so I ran over the hose. I went down almost tearing my ankle off however at the last possible second it freed up. Lo and behold I could walk. Before it swelled up to twice its normal side I bent down with my butt to the seat, locked out the bars and gripped the front brake and pushed. You see its all technique. Just like Patrick Coates said cut the front end away from the lean and push. If youre not strong enough you will be. ;)