Question about tyre pressure

Question about tyre pressure!

So the recommended is 42/42.. I set the digital pressure gauge to 42.. and plug it into my tyre valve.. and it pumps to 42 psi.

Now the question is, when I remove the nozzle from my tyre valve. There's always a brisk loss of air and thus pressure.. so it's actually at 41 or 40 psi..

Do you guys set the digital gauge to 43 or 44 to counter this loss of air? Or just run with the actual 40/41

  • Hi Jonathan I always work on the basis of putting in one extra PSI to allow for this

  • Yeah.. I was thinking of doing that to compensate also..

  • I over pressure and let some air out using a good pressure gauge. 1 PSI won't make a noticeable difference anyway. The pressures they give are a guide anyway. As you know on track tyres the pressures are a lot lower for better grip...

  • They can rise by 1-2 psi when hot, so it won't make a massive difference to road riding.

  • Jepp Simon,bt few of uss rid on road on tracktyres. If u rid at lower preshure then recomanded,ur tyre suffer. :) Many missunderstand this after looking at (and missunderstand) racebikes and tyrepreshure.:))

  • As Graham said, a couple of PSI will make very little differance. I wouldn't over analyse it mate. The bit of air lost when removing pump nozzle is tiny as well.

  • Cold I go 42/42 and try to remove the hose quickly. With hot tyres I go +1 or +2 and do the same.

  • Don't bather abouth hot or could,fill 42-42 and twist ur trotle. If,,,u wish use 40 front.:))