Question about coolants

Question about coolants!

Anyone tried or have experience with waterless coolants? I'm looking at the Evans waterless coolant.. is it worth the extra $?

  • Just put a bigger fan on it

  • He already has a gen 2 that has two fans and he does live in a slightly hotter country than England. Lol

  • yea lee.. im literally next to the equator.. so with the stock coolant.. fan is on about 70-80% of the time.. and that's 95 degrees Celsius..

  • I used it on my zx12 standard around town it would go 1 bar below over heating with the waterless would sit at 2 bar and not move it's worth paying the extra for imho

  • first positive feed back here!

    There are quite a couple of positive feedbacks from my country but, its a really small country.. so i'm trying to look out into the bigger world =)

  • I'm from uk but tested in rush hour traffic worked well for me

  • Only problem i guess,if ur engintemp. for a reason go skyhigh,it meight result in damage ur engin if u use this holy wather?:)

  • it doesnt gets above 100 even with the stock coolant.. so shouldnt have an issue if this is better then stock?

  • Agree Jonathan. I just post the above as a q.:)

  • Engine Ice works great