Putting my 1988 200 back on the road. Getting ready for the MOT

Putting my 1988 200 back on the road. Getting ready for the MOT.

  • Do these bikes supposed to have key ignition I just bought one fully road legal mot etc. No ignition?

  • Mine is 94 model

  • No key, indicators, horn or brake light.

  • Okay thanks...does it pass mot with out them?

  • Believe you need horn and brake light for m.o.t.

  • I got my bike with 10 month mot...I can't see any sign of horn ever been there although rear break has a pick up sensor for brake light

  • Our m.o.t guy used to let us use a push bike horn.....

  • What these bikes worth in average condition obviously age is 1994 and all panels/parts are original

  • Vary a lot on condition, I'm not a fan of later kdx, I prefer early air cooled......my last one was 85 drum brake...

  • No brake light required but you do need a horn. I use one of those 9v enduro jobs from eBay...3 years old and it still works well!! I would advise a brake light if its being used on road more than just getting from section to section. No ignition switch on the std E model but the SR version did have a switch/lights/better genny and wider road friendly gearbox etc as well as bigger bolt on sub frame and pegs for passengers

  • Yes you need a horn, think its a good idea for safety also! Brake light is not required but again would like one. Bit tricky as there is no battery fitted on my model.