• Pulled my m4 off and this is what I hear

    Pulled my m4 off and this is what I hear!

    • Get a strong vacuum with a sock or something over the hose snd suck watever that is out coz the first vid didnt sound like cat but im only watching a vid cant hear it in person but that could be a piece if value or anything ygats got stuck all im saying is dont by a cat until ur 100% sure you need one

    • I'm pulling the stock header off and seeing what happens, deff sounds like it's the cat breaking apart, the bike runs absolutely amazing

    • Well if it runs amazing that's the important thing then Cory - who cares what it sounds like ... If you go fast enough then people won't have chance to hear much anyway before you have shot past them!!

    • I can't stand the noise, I just took the header off and that's it, it's rattling inside the cat

    • sounds like bad muffler bearings lol

    • The cat material can also turn sideways and block off one or all of the pipes, so get the shrapnel out soon to save a costly repair later. Seen that happen many times in cars.

    • That's why I'm gutting the cat lol

    • does sound like cata-garbage -converter.

    • Get rid of cat and o2 sensors and get it tuned.

    • I have no o2 sensors it's a 2010, and the pc5 is tuned for a full exhaust already