Progressive Springs. update


Progressive Springs (update)

I rode yesterday about 100 miles, a few twistys but mainly flat roads with an occasional uneven spot. I installed Progresive springs with Lucas 10w oil about 18 oz each. I am riding a rather light version if a V2K but I am not so light 265lb, running cobra 230 in rear and metz 888me 130/70 r18 fnt, both at std psi. , both on Britt wheels

Here is what I observed,

- The front end is stiffer, noticeably. To me this is good and bad

- good because I have much more confidence in attacking corners with ease, front end is very accurate and with little "sling-dive" if that is a description. I have very little dive when front braking , so I use my front brakes much more now.

- bad because I have lost full plushness on my front end. There is a road near me with several minor speed bumps in a row, I used to drive over these feeling nothing in the front end, now that has changed, i do feel vibration but nothing that cannot be tolerated. That goes for most bumps.

The rear is more adjustable with spring preload and valve dampening adjustments, but the front isn't unless you like doing full front end tear downs to swap out fork oil, naa me neither.

Bottom line: you cannot have both super plush and performance tuned in the front end of our bikes, For me, I appreciate the sacrifice if losing full plushness for gaining accuracy with minimal dive in braking.

Just thought you should know before you decide to make the change.

%d comments
  • What do you have for a shock on the rear?

  • Standard

  • oil about 18 oz each I would think this is wrong .

  • I don`t think I ever used more then 6 to 8 oz

  • Service manual says 17.4 oz on refill and close to 20 oz on complete rebuild...each, I measured mine

  • Yeah i think you got something not exactly right the plushness should be Way better my mech did mine so not sure the amount of oil but i know we mixed 10 with 15 to get roughly 12.5 and I weigh exactly the same as you 260 265LBS and my V2K felt like a new bike in the front after install mine is 1" shorter but still I would think you should be feeling the same thing or close to it the jack hammer effect of wash board is totally gone.

  • 12.5w vs 10w is not going to make that big if plushness diff, plus jJim Renda you put in new valving so not really comparable, lets compare at VRA east

  • I could shorten pre-load to soften up a bit and or drop forks a bit in triple tree to lower, but I'd rather not guess, we can do parked pressure test

  • Changing the valving setup restores the 'plushness' issue. racetech make a replacement valve set up for our beasts. These are a dual valve set up. When running over smoother surfaces only the smaller valve allows fluid to flow. Where larger bumps are encounter causing excessive oil to flow, the larger valve comes into play, this maintains control and quality of ride. Basically the larger valving drastically reduces the hydraulic effect the smaller valving encounters with large oil movement caused by reaction to bad road surfaces. The plus side, improved ride, improved handling, improved tyre contact with road (reduces loss of contact time to negligible occasions) and importantly will improve tyre wear. Racetech valves, well worth it, look em up